Freeplay is Australia’s longest-running and largest independent games festival, located in Melbourne, Australia. Freeplay exists in order to promote independent game developers through both professional development, engagement with the public, and through cultural interaction with the city. Since 2004, Freeplay has brought together a unique mix of players, makers, critics, artists, academics, students, and the public for a celebration of games and makers in all their forms.

Freeplay’s 2013 conference program is the Volume of Revolution, taking place at the State Library of Victoria on the weekend of September 28 and 29. Volume of Revolution seeks to expose, radically upend, celebrate, critically examine, and change our approach to making games. It’s looking back at our history so we can forge a better future. It’s a mathematical concept representing the cycle, the fullness, the width and breadth of our medium. It’s about loudness, and listening to the quiet voices we cannot ignore.

As the first festival run by new directors Katie Williams and Harry Lee, this unique conference theme ushers in a new generation of thought in the areas of both the Australian and international games development scenes. As well as workshops and conference sessions, selected local games and Freeplay Awards finalists will be playable in Experimedia for the duration of the weekend.

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