Freeplay 2013 has drawn to a close. Thanks for your support. We hope to see you at our other events and 2014's conference program.

Playful Program

Wednesday 25 September, 7pm

Join us for a fun night playing playful collective Pop-Up Playground’s latest game, Wikisneaks. This physical game encourages exploration and social collaboration amongst players.

Venue: The State Library of Victoria Forecourt, 328 Swanston Street
Special guests: Pop-Up Playground

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Game Design Workshop
Thursday 26 September, 7pm

Ever wanted to learn from a trio of award-winning game designers? This workshop is your chance to learn from some of the best designers from Australia and overseas, while honing your skills at the same time.

Venue: Melbourne City Library, 253 Flinders Lane
Special guests: Steve Swink, Harry Lee, Grant Howitt

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Maker Mixer
Friday 27 September, 7pm

In this workshop, emerging game designers are encouraged to try their hand at creating both chiptune music and character design, under the guidance of some of Australia’s most established practitioners.

Venue: Melbourne City Conference Centre, 333 Swanston Street
Special guests: Nathan Antony, Saska Ayris, and Bilvy

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Confe­rence Program

Freeplay’s 2013 conference was held on 28 and 29 September at the Roadshow Theatrette in the State Library of Victoria.

Theatrette Workshop Room
Saturday 28th of September
9.00 Doors Open
9.30 Welcome to Freeplay

Kick off our exciting conference weekend with a few words from our directors.

  • Katie Williams
  • Harry Lee
10.00 Keynote

Erin Robinson speaks about the rise of games in modern culture and the revolutionary roles games are playing in personal expression.

11.00 Paragons and Renegades

Game designers have power over their players – but do they use this power for good or evil, and where are the shades of grey?


Games are leaping out from the screen! From costumes as controllers to physically violent installations, where will these new ideas take us?

12.15 Extended Play, Side A

In this two-part playthrough series, developers showcase their projects while talking us through the creative decisions that shaped them.


We discuss the developing relationship between games and education, from the broader international conversations to the current classroom models.

13.30 Lunch
14.30 Fatigue

As games grow increasingly inward-facing, the medium is stagnating. This session explores how we can look outside the industry for innovation and inspiration.

Travel Diaries

Games can take you on a journey, from Rapture to the darkest parts of the human mind. Two writers discuss their travels through video game worlds, and the blogs in which they documented their revelations.

15.45 Failure

In this raw and honest session, three developers share their experiences of what can go wrong during development, and how they fixed their mistakes.

Across the Board

We’re talking board games, and their profile in a digital gaming world. What can these games offer us that videogames cannot?

17.00 How to Destroy Everything

Or, Why Video Games Do Not Exist (And How This Is Great For Everyone).

19.00 Party

You are cordially invited to Freeplay's Saturday Night Party: network, chat, and play some games

  • Games curated by Hovergarden
Sunday 29th of September
9.00 Doors Open
9.30 Warmup

Get your minds and bodies ready for the second half of the Freeplay conference.

10.00 Keynote

Steve Swink speaks about the history of art and the rise of games as an expressive medium, with case studies from his own projects.

11.00 The Twine Revolution

Now that it’s as easy to make a game as take a photo, new voices are coming out to play. This session will explore what happens when power is in the hands of the community, and what that community is choosing to make.

A Brief History of Music

An intimate discussion about how the relationship of music in games has evolved, from orchestral renditions to the way mainstream music has embraced chiptune.

12.15 Extended Play, Side B

In the second part of our playthrough series, developers showcase their projects while talking us through the creative decisions that shaped them.

Building New Worlds

Join us as we grok the concepts of digitally built worlds, from procedurally generated landscapes to personally sculpted paradises.

13.30 Lunch
14.30 Rapidfire

With just five minutes and five bulletpoints apiece, Australia’s developers take to the stage in a series of micro-talks that address a multitude of diverse topics.

Screen Australia

Come along and get your funding questions answered by Screen Australia.

  • Mike Cowap
15.45 Avenues of Play

Physical, experimental and local multiplayer games foster a sense of togetherness. This session documents and celebrates the narrative of these games internationally.

Political Artifacts

Games can enable political voice, and have the potential to incite real world action. This session looks at the complex relationship between stories, games, and activism.

17.00 Directors’ Chair

Freeplay’s directors reflect on this year’s conference, the issues we’ve covered, and where we’ll be going next.

  • Katie Williams
  • Harry Lee
19.00 The Freeplay Awards 2013

Join us for our annual awards night as we celebrate the contenders and announce the winners of Australia’s best independent games.